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One Shot Contest for YOU.

Here are the details, rules, and the subject. This has a point, I swear.

So asĀ  you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been setting up Jack and Willow. I decided that I would let YOU tell the story.

So this is the one shot challenge:

Write a one shot story telling how Willow and Jack finally get together. Consider it a one chapter spin off.


  • It has to fit into the already existing plot of my story.

It doesn’t have to focus on anyone but Jack and Willow, but if you add the others in there, keep my plot in mind. I want this to be kind of a supplement to my story.

  • I will accept anonymous submissions.

Keep in mind if it’s anon I can’t give you any real credit, you know?

  • Please don’t introduce any new characters.

Like I said, this has to kind of just slip into my plot and I already have plans for new characters and such.

  • In my original plan, I had Willow and Jack finally getting together a little before Christmas.

You can take that and run with it, but just know that your timing will depend on when I post it. If you write them getting together on or close to Valentines Day, I can’t publish it until I get there with my writing.


Tuesday, April 3rd.

My submit box is always open, so you can send it in before the 3rd. I’ll post who wins on April 4th, but I won’t publish it until it fits with the story. (See rule 4)


Feel free to have fun with it, use Polyvore to make outfits, take inspiration from a song, anything. Take these two and give their story your own spin.

If you have any questions, my ask is always open!

Good luck!

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